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Dear Parents,

We have had a surge in tardiness over the past couple weeks.  Students are arriving to school late, missing important information, and causing a distraction to other students (and teachers) when they enter classrooms part-way through the instruction.  

I know everyone is looking forward to summer break.  But, we still have two weeks of classes remaining and I want to end the year on a positive note for all students.  Please ensure that your student arrives to school - and is ready to learn -  by 7:50 am.  If there is a situation or circumstance that prevents you from bringing your student on-time, please let me know and I will do my best to assist.

Thank you for your help.

Ben Sullivan
Head of Middle School

Grade Level End of Year Schedules

Please click to view the schedule for each grade level.  Please note that there is no Extended Day after May 30, 2017.

5th Grade Schedule

6th Grade Schedule

7th Grade Schedule

8th Grade Schedule

Middle School Lost and Found

We have many jackets, sweatshirts, etc. in our lost and found bins.  The bins are located in the Middle School Office.  If items in our lost and found are not picked up by the end of the school year, they will be donated to a charity.

Middle School Texting, Messaging and the Health Center

Dear Parents,

I am writing to ask for your assistance.  Our policy is that students can bring their cell phones to school, but that the device must remain off and in the locker during the school day.  It cannot be used during the hours of 7:50 am to 3:00 pm.  Since we returned from the holiday break, I have seen a surge in students violating this policy.  This has played out in two ways.  First, students are surreptitiously texting at their lockers.  Teachers observe this behavior and then confiscate the phone, which is then brought to me.  Second, students are calling their parents from the bathroom telling them that they are not feeling well and that they need to go home.  Please discourage your students from engaging in these behaviors.  I understand the constant draw of having to check the phone for texts, social media posts, etc.  I certainly experience it myself.  That said, middle school aged students simply do not have the impulse control to fully regulate their attention spans.  We need their focus to be on learning and instruction during the school day, free from the distractions of texting and posting.  If a student is ill, they need to tell a teacher and then go directly to the health center.  The nurses will perform an assessment and determine whether the student should go home. 

If you have questions regarding our policy, do not hesitate to contact me.  I appreciate all your help and support.

Ben Sullivan
Head of Middle School

New School Study Abroad Policy

The School has instituted a new policy for those interested in pursuing study abroad. Click here for details.

Middle School Course Syllabi

Please visit the grade level forms and documents site for their course syllabi. 

5th Grade

6th Grade

7th Grade

8th Grade

Paradise Valley Pedestrian and Bicyle Master Plan

The Town of Paradise Valley is devising a master plan for pedestrian and bicycle traffic throughout the town.  They would like student input and have asked us to pass along a survey for the students.  Please have your students follow this link to complete the survey.  If you would like more information regarding what is being considered for the plan, please visit plan my sidewalk.

Middle School Dress Code Policy

Please click here for the Middle School Dress Code policy.

Grade Level Supply Lists for 2016-17

Supply lists for each grade level are posted on the grade level pages.

Important Dates for 2016-17 School Year

Please click here for a list of important dates.

Middle School after school pick-up.

No middle school students may be picked up from the small parking lot in front of the upper school office or from the sidewalks on 40th Street.  Pick-up from these locations is unsafe and you may be ticketed by police who are closely monitoring dismissal.   All Middle School students are to be picked up in front of the Administration Building on Stanford at the regular dismissal times.

Student absence procedures

Please visit the absence procedures page.

Extended Day

Please click here for the Extended Day form.

Middle School Student Pick-Up

Parents we need your help:
Middle School students are to be picked up in front of school at the end of the school day. The Middle School pick-up line is at the curb lane closest to the parking lot (not the sidewalk). Students are not to be picked up in the parking lot at Camelback Bible Church. While this may be easier for you at pick-up time, it is an inconvenience for the church. In addition, we cannot monitor the pick-up process if it is away from school grounds.
We appreciate your compliance in this matter.

Visitors to Campus

For the safety of our students, faculty, and staff, we are requiring all visitors to campus, including parents, to sign in and sign out when they arrive and leave campus. Visitors to the Middle School must sign in and sign out at the main Administration office. This is imperative in order to ensure correct accounting of a person's whereabouts on campus in the event of a drill or emergency. All visitors must wear visitor identification throughout their time on campus. While we understand that these steps require additional effort on behalf of our visitors, they are essential to the safety and accountability of our campus community.