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PA Info for 2016-17

PA Meeting Recognizing all PA Volunteers and College Admissions Update

Tuesday, May 9, 7:50 - 9:00 am
Burch Hall

Please join Headmaster Andy Rodin as he recognizes and thanks all parents that have served in any type of a Parents' Association volunteer role this year. Afterwards, Patrick McHonett, Associate Head of School, will provide updates on college admissions trends and the future of the PCDS Class of 2017. A light breakfast will be served. Questions: PAinfo@pcds.org.

PCDS Parents' Book Club

Wednesday, September 6, 12:00 pm 
Brewster Library Conference Room (located on the upper school campus)
Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Wednesday, October 4, 12:00 pm 
Brewster Library Conference Room (located on the upper school campus)
Born a Crime by Trevor Noah

Other dates throughout the year:
November 8
January 10
February 7
March 14
April 25
May 23

All PCDS parents and alumni parents are welcome. Since there will be a light lunch served please let us know you're coming at PAbookclub@pcds.org.  Also, please bring or send summer book ideas for both a classic and a contemporary work.  If you have questions or would like to join our email list please contact our bookclub chairperson Jessica Bohl at PAbookclub@pcds.org

PCDS PA Hiking Club

2017-18 Schedule TBD

Everyone is welcome to join us! Details will be sent to the hiking email list and will also be available on the first day of school at the annual Back-To-School Kickoff in Burch Hall. If you have questions or would like to be added to the hiking email list please contact our new organizers Racquel Miller and Ann Wong at PAhikingclub@pcds.org. Have a great summer!

Parents’ Association Enrichment Committee Events

Click Here to read about and see photos of the interesting writers, dancers, and more that have visited PCDS this year thanks to the Parents' Association Enrichment Committee! Thanks to all the guests, parents, faculty, alumni, and staff that have made these programs possible. If you have ideas for future events or want to get involved with this vibrant program please contact painfo@pcds.org.

Information Links on Sleep, Innovation and Creativity, and Growth Mindset from the Middle School Presentation

Thanks to Ben Sullivan, Head of Middle School, and Dr. Rich Rende, Director of Curriculum and Instruction and a developmental psychologist, for an informative conversation about the current direction and themes in the Middle School, an update on Challenge Success as it pertains to Middle School students, and innovative ideas about what it means to be truly engaged with your child in this day and age. Valuable information for all grade level parents as to the success of sleep, innovation and creativity, and Growth Mindset can be found by downloading the document Informational Links on Sleep, Innovation & Creativity, and Growth Mindset.

Informational Links on "Developing the Whole Child" from the Lower School Presentation

A special thank you to Mrs. Jaki Ivins, Head of Lower School, and Dr. Rich Rende, Director of Curriculum & Instruction and a developmental psychologist, for their discussion of how developing the whole child impacts later academic and career success, and how this pertains to your child at PCDS. Discussion included children's cognitive, personal, and social development in the classroom, as well as positive and practical ideas about how to be truly engaged with your child, from PreK to 12th grade. Mrs. Ivins and Dr. Rende have provided us with links to articles and websites related to their presentation at the October Parents' Association Meeting. You can find the information by downloading the document Informational Links on Developing the Whole Child.

About the PCDS Parents' Association

Every PCDS parent is a member of the PCDS Parents’ Association. The Association’s purpose is to:

  • Better communicate the School’s objectives, plans and policies to the parents
  • Establish another avenue by which parents may communicate their ideas and suggestions to the school on issues of interest to the general school-wide community
  • Develop a closer relationship between the School and parents of its students; encourage parents to communicate directly with teachers, Division Heads, and/or Head of School on issues specific to their child’s academic and social successes
  • Establish and develop fund-raising programs to permit parents to be involved with the progress of the School
  • Assist parents in their orientation and involvement in the School
  • Take an active role in the recruitment of qualified students for the School

In fulfilling this purpose, the Association sponsors many activities throughout the school year that benefit students, faculty, and parents in every grade. The success of these activities depends on our parent volunteers.

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