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Parents’ Association 

Volunteer Opportunity Descriptions 2016-17

Arts Walk

Arts Walk is an evening event that showcases the arts, including student musical and theater performances, and student-created art projects. Volunteers work with the coordinator to organize and set up student projects as well as to provide food for attendees.

Back-to-School Parent Kickoff

The Parents’ Association hosts a Back-to-School Parent Kickoff on the first day of school. This event provides parents the opportunity to sign up for, or just learn about, PCDS community-related volunteer opportunities as well as meet and reconnect with friends.

Book Club

The Book Club brings current and alumni parents together once a month to discuss a book and socialize.  The coordinator organizes the book selection, discussion leaders and scheduling.

Career Days

Career Days are organized by parents who introduce Upper School students to the many career opportunities available to them.  The duties required include working with alumni, parents, and Upper School offices to recruit and schedule parents and alumni, organizing the participants into professions, providing leadership the day of an event, and putting together thank you gifts for the participants.

Caring Committee

The mission of the Caring Committee is to reach out to members of the PCDS community at significant times in their lives. We acknowledge and celebrate those events that are joyful and provide support where needed. We respect the privacy of all members of our community.

Communications & Newsletters

These volunteers collect information about Parents' Association activities and work with the school to help publish the Parents' Association newsletter and to maintain the Parents' Association web pages.

Dads' Club

The Dads' Club brings together PCDS fathers to support school and Parents' Association activities, and to enjoy community-building social events.

Enrichment Coordinator (Middle School)

The Middle School Enrichment Coordinator will bring outside entertainment, presentations, and authors to the Middle School students and/or also plan fieldtrips that correlate with the curriculum.  The Coordinator will also work with the All School Diversity Committee to organized volunteers for cultural celebrations.

Enrichment Coordinator (Upper School)

The Upper School Enrichment Coordinator will plan, schedule, and implement the Culture on the Quad series. This series is intended to be casual fun events that students can opt-in to and enjoy during lunch breaks. The parents usually provide snacks while the students enjoy live music or performances. The Coordinator will also work with the All School Diversity Committee to organize volunteers for cultural celebrations.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee plans and programs the various activities of the Parents’ Association, considers any special needs of the school, plans the means by which they may be met, and approves the allocation of funds for the Association. Its individual members assist the President at various school functions as representatives of the Association.

Faculty and Staff Appreciation

The committee plans and organizes several faculty and staff appreciation events each year.

Grade Representatives (Lower, Middle, and Upper Schools)

Parents from each grade (the number varies based on the division) assist with grade-level activities and events throughout the school year. They coordinate parent volunteers to assist with teacher-requested classroom parties, events, and fieldtrips; recruit volunteers for specific school events/committees as needed; help organize and attend parent meetings and coffees; attend Back-to-School Night; assist with Open House; and help as needed with school photos. Lower School Grade Representatives attend two to four meetings a year with the Lower School Liaison and the Lower School Head. Middle and Upper School Grade Representatives attend monthly meetings with their respective division head and liaison.

Grade Representative Liaisons (Lower, Middle, Upper Schools)

The Grade Representative Liaisons have had previous experience as a Grade Representative in the division that they are assigned. A Liaison oversees the Grade Representatives in a particular division and coordinates activities with the Division Head, the Parents’ Association, and the Grade Representatives. The Liaisons also attend monthly meetings with their Division Head and the monthly Executive Committee meetings. 

Hiking Club

Coordinators organize parents to meet at trailheads to hike in the Phoenix area.

Holiday Luncheon

This committee helps organize and plan the annual Holiday Luncheon for all PCDS parents. Parents donate various goodies and help assemble them in boxes as well as add their own personal touch to cards that are given to PCDS faculty and staff as gifts. The event takes place off campus at a family's house in December.

Library (Lower, Middle, Upper Schools)

Library volunteers sign up to assist the School Librarians. The Lower School Coordinator organizes volunteers to assist with daily library needs as well as with the Book Fair. The Middle School Coordinator organizes volunteers to assist the Middle School Librarian with daily library needs as well as special projects. The Upper School Library is open during the Upper School lunch period with the help of volunteers who cover the facility while the librarian takes lunch. The Upper School Library Coordinator organizes the volunteers who sign up for one lunch period a month.

Middle School Commencement

This parent along with a committee works with the Middle School Division to help organize Commencement and a reception afterwards.

Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee prepares a slate of officers for the Parents’ Association Executive Committee. The Committee consists of a chairperson, two elected representatives from each division of the school, and the current President.

School Photos

This parent volunteer assists the teachers, students, and photographer with any needs they may have the day school photos are taken.

Sharing Tree

This voluntary community service project gives each Lower School child an opportunity to share a small gift with a less fortunate child. The Sharing Tree Coordinator works with the Lower School during the fall and with the Salvation Army around Thanksgiving, when officers visit the school to speak to the students and receive the gifts.

Snack Bar (Middle School)

Middle School Snack provides students in 5th through 8th grades with a nutritious mid-morning snack distributed every day at the Middle School Snack Bar. The Snack Bar Coordinator is responsible for scheduling, staffing, and monitoring the snack bar.  Parents sign up for one snack period per month to distribute snacks and restock.

Speech and Debate Coordinators (Middle and Upper Schools)

These parents assist the Middle and Upper School Speech & Debate coaches throughout the year coordinating a snack schedule and various local and national tournament details.

Spirit Chair (Middle and Upper Schools)

This parent assists the theater and music departments when there is a play, musical, or jazz concert performed.  Duties include helping to organize a cast party, set up for jazz concert, and recruit volunteers.

Swim and Gym

This is a parent and teacher chaperoned event that traditionally occurs once in fall and once in the spring, with drop-off and pick-up points near the swimming pool. All PCDS Middle School students are invited to swim, play sports in the gym, eat, and visit with each other in a relaxed atmosphere. Coordinators work with the Middle School Faculty to plan and coordinate two events typically in September and April.

Upper School Graduation

This parent works with the Upper School Division and helps to organize Graduation and an on-campus celebration afterwards.

Upper School Writers Workshop

National and local authors visit several times a year. The Coordinators work with the Upper School Faculty to plan and acquire authors to speak to the Upper School students.


This Coordinator maintains the Parents' Association area of the PCDS website.