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Solar Power at PCDS

Real-time monitoring of energy output! Scroll down to view...

With the assistance of a grant from SRP (Salt River Project), PCDS completed the first stage of its solar initiative by having American Solar Electric install 20 solar panels, producing up to 3.6 kw hours of energy to contribute to the electrical demands of the campus maintenance area.

PCDS students collect and analyze energy data from the solar station. Analysis prompts discussions about factors that influence solar radiation while students study renewable energy and air pollution. Throughout the year, they revisit data from the solar station and compare it to satellite data from periods of increased particulates to demonstrate the variance of solar energy in optimal (clear) and cloudy or high pollution conditions. Further inquiry leads students to build model solar arrays and develop ideas to further optimize these stations.

Below is the energy production from our panels for the current month, updated automatically on a regular basis.  Community members can access software to provide additional information. (Access is provided below the chart when logged in.)