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Website FAQs

How is the PCDS website organized?

The site is divided into two parts: an external part for everyone that:

  • offers opportunities to learn about the School
  • describes the admissions process
  • explains the many ways one can support PCDS
  • provides alumni with information about how to stay involved

and an internal part, known as myPCDS, that provides important resources for students, parents, faculty and staff, including:

  • all-school and divisional news, information, and documents
  • the Community Calendar and the Community Directory
  • NetClassroom for student schedules, grade reports, and billing statements
  • informational pages for each Lower School grade level
  • athletic team and game information
  • online access to update family information

The external and internal parts are in different systems, each with its own navigation, sitemap, and search function.

How do I access the website?

www.pcds.org will take you to our website. Once there, you can click myPCDS from the top right of any page to go to the internal part. The link pcds.org/mypcds will take you directly to myPCDS.

What is my web account? How do I log in?

Every student, faculty/staff member, and parent has a myPCDS account. Every myPCDS page provides the option to log in.

While it is not necessary to log in to obtain basic information, it has the advantage of providing customized links to academic, athletic, and family information pages, as well as NetClassroom, the Community Directory, and the news from the appropriate divisions. For more detailed information, visit About Logging in to myPCDS.

Beginning in 2014-15, Middle and Upper School students will also have accounts for Canvas, a learning management system for daily access to course and class information. We will be exploring potential uses with Lower School students, as well.

How do students and parents access NetClassroom?

Once logged in to myPCDS, the link for NetClassroom appears at the left.

Are there any other “shortcut” links besides pcds.org/mypcds?

pcds.org/calendar goes directly to the Community Calendar; webmail.pcds.org or pcds.org/email accesses email for students in grades 6-12, faculty, and staff; and pcds.org/give goes directly to the online giving page.

Can I access the school website with my smartphone and tablet?

Yes. Both the external and internal parts adapt to portable devices, providing information in an easy-to-read format with the ability, on myPCDS, to hide and show menus.