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5th Grade

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End of year schedule 2017-2018

Please click here to access end of year schedule.

Please note that we will have noon dismissals on Wednesday May 30, Thursday May 31 and June 1.

We will not have MS Extended Day on these dates.

5th Grade Course Syllabi 2017 - 2018

Please click here for 5th Grade Course Syllabi 2017 - 2018

5th Grade Reps 2017 - 2018

Clarissa Robinson

Kelly Whalen


Homework in the Fifth Grade

In fifth grade, we are seeking to begin the process of transitioning from lower school to middle school. It is a fun and also challenging process. Some will transition quickly, and others will need more time and guidance. To help with this, the fifth-grade team works daily with both students and their parents to help create active learners who are responsible and organized when it comes to homework and assignments.

There is a six-week fifth-grade program, Fun Fact, which stands for Foundations U Need For Any Challenging Task. Each week a new topic will be explained and taught to both the fifth-grade students as well as their parents. The topics will be as follows: Assignment Books, Study Space, Study Hour, Desk Calendar Usage, Binder Management, and Individual Course Strategies for Success. There will be weekly sessions with students, a coffee for parents, and handouts of instructions for all. The purpose of this program is to help guide, train, and give the tools needed to be an organized, responsible, active learner or parent.

Time is set aside in each class period for students to hear the assignments, to see them written on the white boards, and to copy them into their assignment books. For the first two weeks of school, advisors will check each of their advisee’s assignment books, to see that they are being filled out appropriately. Parents will also be instructed to do the same each night, after Study Hour. After two weeks, these checks can also be re-implemented, if needed, for individual students.

All handouts for assignments are given in class. These will not be available online, as we are striving to encourage students to be responsible for their possessions and work. Of course, they may ask for additional copies if they get lost. This way we can work with each student to foster responsibility.

Communication is the key to success in fifth grade, and we, the fifth-grade team, encourage parents to keep us in the loop with any concerns or needs to help our fifth-grade students.


The Fifth-Grade Team