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Middle School
After-school Activities and Extended Day

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All students must be in dress code from arrival at school until departure from school grounds.

  • After-school sports, clubs, activities:
    • Students must remain in dress code unless specifically told by a teacher or coach otherwise.

To ensure the safety of PCDS Middle School students at all times, the following rules are set forth.

  • The general rule is students are to be in one of three places at the end of the school day
    • With parent
    • At Extended Day
    • At an after-school activity or as a participant in an athletic contest
  • Coaches of home and visiting teams
    • Walk with players to locker room after any game
    • If coaching a second game, coach will send someone to supervise locker room and take student to Extended Day or send home with parent and wait in parking lot until last child is picked up.
  • Students who are in a club, ESH, or getting help from a teacher after school
    • Teacher walks student to parent, or if teacher can’t leave, parent comes to room
    • Teacher walks student to Extended Day if not picked up by parent
  • At no time are students to be in the front of the school without supervision.
  • Afternoon dismissal: If student is not picked up within 20 minutes of dismissal the dismissal supervisor will escort the student to Extended Day.
  • If students are found on campus, unattended at any time after normal school hours, they will be sent to Extended Day.
  • Game days
    • 5/6 students cannot attend games without parent supervision.
    • 7/8 students may attend sport events of their choice per the guidelines below:
      • They must sign out as to where they will be
      • They may not go off campus
      • They must go directly to the game and remain.
      • They must be picked up after games are over/games usually last one hour.
      • If a parent has not arrived within 15 minutes of end of the game, the student will be escorted to Extended Day and a fee will be charged to that parent.
      • They may not use cell phones unless calling parents