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About NetClassroom
Online Access to Student Information


Until the end of the 2017-18 school year, PCDS is using the NetClassroom program to provide personalized online access to each student's most recent grade report (all grades), grades from prior marking periods (i.e. letter grades given in grades 5 and above), and academic schedules (grades 5 and above). When grade reports are posted and available, parents will be notified by email and the announcement above will be updated.

Entering NetClassroom

  1. Log in to the PCDS website.
    (For assistance, visit Help With Logging In.)
  2. Along the left, click NetClassroom.
  3. If you have more than one child attending PCDS, choose the appropriate name from the popup menu under Show for.

Viewing a Student's Information

  • To view a Middle or Upper School schedule:
    • Click Registration, then look to the options along the left
    • Click Grid.
    • While it is generally unnecessary, you can change the options under Show for different academic years and for different semesters (Upper School) or trimesters (Middle School).

  • To view the most recent grade report, choose Report Card from the Grades menu. Print the report if you wish to maintain a permanent record.
  • To view prior marking periods' comments and grades, choose Averages from the Grades menu.
    Along the left, you can choose prior academic years.

    The marking column codes refer to the following marking periods:


    Fall T Fall Trimester
    Winter T Winter Trimester
    Spring T Spring Trimester


    Fall T Fall Trimester
    Winter T Winter Trimester
    Spring T Spring Trimester
    Year Exam Final Exam (if given)
    Year Final Final Grade


    Fall MidS Fall Mid-Semester
    Fall S Fall Semester
    Fall Exam Fall Final Exam
    Fall Final Fall Final Grade
    Spr MidS Spring Mid-Semester
    Spring S Spring Semester
    Spr Exam Spring Final Exam
    Spg Final Spring Final Grade

    Clicking the + to the left of courses will display comments where applicable.

Exiting NetClassroom

  • Close the browser tab or window when you are finished.
  • Note that if you click Logout from within NetClassroom, you will be shown a different login screen, which we recommend you don't use due to technical issues beyond our control.

Questions and Problems

Please direct:

  • Scheduling and grading questions to the appropriate division office.
  • Technical questions to Eric Neufer, the school's Information Resources Coordinator, at eric.neufer@pcds.org or x2234