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Middle & Upper School Textbooks

Textbooks for 2017-18 are now available.

NEW PARENTS:  myPCDS account information (which, among other things, will enable you to view grade 5-12 schedules) was emailed on June 29. If you have not received it, please email info@pcds.org.

PCDS contracts with MBS Direct (http://bookstore.mbsdirect.net/PCDS.HTM), one of the largest mail-order textbook suppliers in the country, to provide online access for purchasing of textbooks for grades 5-12. The company stocks more than 7 million books in its Columbia, Missouri facility and offers a menu of services that will make it more convenient to purchase textbooks.

Here's how it works:

  • MBS Direct maintains a current list of our courses and the books for each of those courses.* Please note that a few Upper School course titles have changed, so it is best to reference courses by their codes (e.g. 136F).
  • Upper School Fall Semester and Middle School books are available after July 1 for the next school year.
  • You may pay by Visa, MasterCard, Discover,American Express, or PayPal.
  • Orders will be shipped within 24 hours
  • Textbooks may be sold back to MBS Direct in the Spring through the Campus EZ Drop program for both Middle and Upper Schools.
  • Customer service is available at 1.800.325.3252
  • Direct any questions that MBS is unable to answer to Jenny Cherilla, Upper School Academic Dean, at jennifer.cherilla@pcds.org.

* accessing a list of a Middle and/or Upper School student's 2017-18 courses:

  1. If you have not already done so, log in to your myPCDS account along the left side of this page.
    (If you do not remember your password or have other questions, visit About Logging In.)
  2. Along the left, click NetClassroom.
  3. Parents: If you have more than one child at PCDS, choose from the menu along the left.
  4. Roll your mouse (without clicking) over the <Name>'s grades menu, and choose Averages.
  5. Along the left, choose 2017-18 from the Academic Year menu.

To view the 7-day rotation schedule (which is subject to change before the start of school):

  1. Click Registration.
  2. Click Grid (along the left).
  3. For Academic year, select 2017-18.
  4. For Middle School, for Term, select Fall Trimester.
    For Upper School, for Term, select Fall Semester.

While we suggest you use MBS for the ease and convenience of one-stop shopping, we continue to encourage you to look at other textbook providers and resources to ensure that you receive the best prices possible. If you decide to look elsewhere, we recommend the following procedures to ensure that you purchase the correct textbooks:

Also, please note that a number of resources are digital and some of these, as indicated in the list and on the MBS site, must be purchased from MBS.

PCDS cannot be responsible for any incorrect textbook purchases.

Note: To avoid disprepancies and since MBS now provides ISBN numbers, PCDS no longer provides a separate listing of textbooks.