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Parents’ Association Caring Committee

The Caring Committee reaches out to members of the PCDS community at significant times in their lives. We acknowledge and celebrate the joyful events and provide support where needed and desired around events that involve grief or hardship. We respect the privacy of all members of our community.

Please get in touch with us by email or through the administration offices. We want to know when families in our community are facing challenges such as health issues, hospitalization, bereavement, or other major life events. We also want to know when there is a cause for celebration such as weddings, births, educational degrees, awards, or other professional achievements.

Our goal is to send a note of support in time of need, or cards to recognize celebrations and achievements. We also acknowledge births in the community by sending a monogrammed PCDS Eagles baby gift.

Please send information you have concerning care or celebration to PACaringCommittee@pcds.org. You may also contact the Administration Office or offices of the division heads. Please note that we will respect the privacy of all information given.

Thank you for your support.

PCDS Caring Committee
Lower School Division Chairs - Monica Souccar & Daisy Steiner
Middle School Division Chair - Julia Burke & Stephanie Hacket
Upper SchoolDivision Chair - Alexis Glascck & Lucy Marshall