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Policy for Semester or Year Away Program Opportunities

Whether through our various school-sponsored international trips, personal travels, or study away programs, we encourage students to gain a global perspective in all of their studies. To that end, there are a number of domestic and international opportunities that may arise for students who hope to continue their academic careers away from PCDS for a semester or full year.

Effective January 20, 2017, PCDS will place a cap on the number of students, school-wide, who can be away from the school for up to a year and have their spaces guaranteed when they return—without paying tuition beyond the standard annual deposit. Specifically, four (4) students may enjoy this benefit at any one time, and will be granted this benefit on a first-come, first-served basis. Additional students may take time away from PCDS for travel, but their re-enrollment will not be guaranteed unless they pay full tuition (no fees) for the time they plan to be away.

Students who are planning to participate in a semester or full year away program must speak with the Head of their respective Division as well as the Director of Admissions prior to beginning the application process (typically in the fall or winter one year prior to attendance). This allows PCDS to help facilitate this process for the student and his/her family. This facilitation includes discussing a student’s academic progression and ensuring that the program the student wishes to attend is the best match for him/her. PCDS requires a student who plans to spend a semester away in the following academic year to confirm his/her participation in the selected program by January 31 of the academic year preceding the travel program. This confirmation must include a letter from the parents(s)/guardians(s) detailing the study away program, dates to be gone from PCDS, and any other pertinent program information. All study away requests are subject to approval by PCDS.

Please note that if a student receives financial aid or tuition remission from PCDS, his/her aid grant will be prorated and applied to the portion of the year he/she is on campus. No portion of the aid grant will be transferred to the study away program. Students interested in financial assistance for study away programs will need to apply through the specific program to cover the costs of their time away. Generally, the earlier you apply the more aid may be available.

If your child is applying to, or has been accepted into, a study away program for any portion of the 2017-18 school year, these specific enrollment procedures must be followed:

  1. In February of the current 2016-17 school year, complete the 2017-18 enrollment contract with your deposit only. This will secure their space at PCDS for the school term in which they return.
  2. When your child returns from their study away program, we will need a copy of their academic records in order to verify that there have been no academic or disciplinary issues. As long as there are no re-enrollment concerns, we will be happy to welcome your child back to PCDS.
  3. In February of the 2017-18 school year, you will follow the same re-enrollment process, paying a new deposit and choosing a payment plan for the full tuition (including fees) for that upcoming grade.

We hope this helps clarify the process and your options in considering a study away program for your child. Should you have questions, please contact your Division Head or Roz Abero, Director of Admissions & Assistant Head of School.