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About Logging in to myPCDS

Who Can Log In?

Students, faculty, staff, parents/guardians, and trustees are provided a website account, providing the ability to log in to the Phoenix Country Day School myPCDS site. 

How Do I Get a User ID and Password?

Students, parents, faculty, and staff are provided user IDs and passwords by the School.  User IDs and passwords are not case-sensitive.

Parents new to the school will be notified of their user IDs and passwords via email.  New students receive them at the beginning of school from their advisors or division technology coordinator.  The IT department will notify new faculty and staff.

How Do I Log In?

From www.pcds.org, click myPCDS, then enter your User ID and password, and click the Login button.  After logging in, you'll be taken to your personal My PCDS page, where features available to you as a student, parent, or faculty or staff member are made available.

If you are provided a link to a page that requires you to be logged in, you will be asked to log in prior to its display.

Why Would I Log In?

Log in to the website to access information, which (1) is particular to you or your child, or (2) we do not wish to be available to the public. Whole pages may require being logged in to access or additional information may appear on publicly available pages when logged in.

Specific features requiring one to be logged in to access currently include the following:

Note that it is not necessary to log in to view athletic schedules.

What Can I Do If I Forget My User ID or Password?

Student, faculty, and staff user IDs are generally <last name><first initial> (e.g. SmithJ) and parent IDs are generally <last name><first two letters of first name> (e.g. SmithJo).  In the case of duplication, a number (beginning with 1) is added to the end (e.g. SmithJ1, SmithJ2, or SmithJo1). If you are a parent and your first name is listed in our records as an initial, your user ID would include the period (e.g. SmithJ.). 

If we have your email address on record, you may request to have your password emailed to you by clicking I Forgot My Password on the login page.  (If you do not know your user ID, construct it using the criteria above.) Once a request is submitted, you will receive an response within a few minutes, though occasionally it may take longer.

If you are unable to request a forgotten password, please contact one of the division offices for assistance.

Can I Change My Password?

Yes, you can. Parents, students, faculty and staff have an option to do so along the left of any My PCDS page.

Can I Change My User ID?

The User ID cannot be changed.

Should I Log Out?

To prevent access to your personal information, we recommend that you log out when using a public computer.  If you do not explicitly log out, the system will do so when you quit your Internet browsing program. Once logged in, there is a Logout option at the bottom left of every page for computers and at the top right for portable devices.